Zyliss Twist & Scoop Grapefruit Tool

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  • Quickly and easily segments clean cuts of grapefruit for your fruit salads
  • Features an in-built corer which releases the grapefruit for easy removal
  • Double sided stainless steel blade cleanly spoons out grapefruit segments
  • Compact storage as corer locks neatly inside the scoop with easy to read lock/unlock markings 
  • Blade cover included for stainless steel scoop

The Zyliss Twist & Scoop Grapefruit Tool makes the difficult task of coring and segmenting  grapefruits easy. To minimise juice mess, the Twist & Scoop cuts straight into membranes while the 2 in 1 design allows the corer and scoop to be stored together. This product can be used on a variety of sizes of grapefruit and citrus tools.