Zyliss Easy Clean Garlic Press

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  • Designed to maximise throughput of processed garlic and minimise waste
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip for easy handling 
  • Extra-large chamber for pressing multiple cloves of garlic at the same time
  • Top handle detaches for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

Whether you want one clove of garlic or a whole bulb, the Zyliss Easy Clean Garlic Press delivers fresh minced garlic in one easy press. The handles are ergonomically designed for better leverage and easy squeezing, while the plunger provides maximum pressing and minimum waste. Plus, the extra-large chamber allows more than one garlic clove to be pressed at once. 

Designed with an open edge on the base for easily removing the maximum amount of processed garlic. Simply scrape the garlic away from the pressing place with the blunt edge of a knife. Sturdy construction with perfectly configured plunger and stainless steel press plate ensure optimum results every time. The plunger fits perfectly with the holes in the press plate to maximise the amount of garlic processed. After use, the handle is removable for easy cleaning. Simply pull the body and handle apart and both parts can be placed in the dishwasher.