Rainbow Spring Rolls

Fill up your sharing platter with these colourful rainbow rice paper rolls with creamy avocado dip & crunchy peanut drizzle sauce. Your guests will love this delicious crunchy number, you will be bowled with this snack!

Pimm’s jellies

We are opening up the Wimbledon season with a definite crowd-pleaser – Pimm’s jellies! Just to warn you, your guests might stay a little longer and ask for seconds, so be prepared!

Sausage Rolls with Beer Braised Onions

If you’re looking to make your Father feel like one special man this Father’s Day, these sausage rolls with beer braised onions will help you do just that! We’ve added a little spin on this traditional English classic and it’ll be sure to impress any man, especially if he likes his beer.

Chocolate & Ginger Vegan Tart

This chocolate & ginger vegan tart deserves a prime space at any table. Ginger adds a lovely hint of spice into this decadent chocolate dessert and will make your taste buds tingle. Vegan & gluten free.

Vegan Mediterranean Vegetable Tian

This vegan vegetable tian is an impressive vibrant dish for your Easter table. Let Zyliss handheld slicer do all the prep work for you. You can cook it in advance to save time (just re-heat in the oven for 30mins on the day of serving).