Zyliss 3 Piece Measuring Jug Set

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  • Non-drip spout
  • Internal, easy to read measurements
  • Sliding scale indicator for accurate measurements
  • Smaller measurements marked in the conical base of the jug
  • Non-slip handle and base

The Zyliss 3 Piece Measuring Jug Set, comprising a 1 litre, 500ml and a 250ml jug is a must have for any home baker. The art of baking is never fool proof and precision and accuracy are key to achieving consistent results from one time to the next. These must-have kitchen essentials feature a non-drip spout ensuring a smooth, mess-free pouring action.  Measurements are easy to read and can be read from the top, meaning there is no need to double check.  A  sliding scale on the outside of the jugs ensures accuracy every time .  Smaller measurements are indicated in the base of the jug helping you to measure out even the smallest amount required. The Zyliss Measuring jugs all have a strong, sturdy non-slip handle and a non-slip base to keep the contents safe from sliding on the worktop or out of your hand.