Zyliss Ginger Yule Log-7 LR

Ginger Yule Log with Irish Cream

This ginger-licious Yule Log is a great dessert to serve at any party. It’s a great marriage of warm winter spices & zingy ginger to give your taste buds just the right kick.

Zyliss Salmon & avocado sauce-2 LR

Crispy salmon with avocado cream

This simple yet delicious meal of crispy honey & soy salmon with silky smooth avocado cream is a great go-to meal for any day of the week. It requires very little effort to prepare yet tastes absolutely divine.

Zyliss Pinwheels-4 LR

Easy-Peasy Pinwheel Pizzas

Get your bonfire party going with these easy yet delicious pinwheel pizzas, which make great party snacks for little and big people alike!

Zyliss veg protein salad-4 LR

Autumnal veggie-protein-punch salad with mustard dressing

Nourish your body with this rich in vegetable protein salad with puny lentils, butternut squash, edamame beans & crunchy tender stem broccoli. It’s a perfect midweek meal as well as a great side for the weekend dinner parties. Vegan & gluten-free.

Zyliss Halloween dip-5 LR

Spooky & spicy Halloween Butternut Squash Dip

Spice up your Halloween parties with this silky smooth fiery butternut squash dip and dig in deep with those knobbly finger biscuits! A perfect snack for your Halloween parties and a great spooky show- stopper. #Halloween2019