Vegan Friendly Nut Roast

You can make this roast up to 2 days ahead and you can freeze it up to a month!

Sage & Clementines Roast Turkey with Sage & Onions Stuffing

A traditional recipe with a modern herby twist using innovative tools to make your life easier.

Winter Favourite Chilli con Carne

This recipe is a classic winter warmer that can be cooked all in one pot! A family favourite and easy to make throughout the cold months.

Wonuts – The Waffle / Donut

We didn’t invent the ‘Wonut’ but we’ll take credit for this recipe! You can add whatever toppings you like. This is a family friendly recipe that is lots of fun!

Savoury Crepe Cake

This is a new and exciting recipe that will wow your guests! Super easy to make and fun to eat, you can try as many fillings as you like!