Zyliss veggie tart-8web

Vegan Mediterranean Vegetable Tian

This vegan vegetable tian is an impressive vibrant dish for your Easter table. Let Zyliss handheld slicer do all the prep work for you. You can cook it in advance to save time (just re-heat in the oven for 30mins on the day of serving).

Zyliss one pot chicken-11web

Easy Peasy One Pan Roast Chicken

Take the fuss out of your roast with this super easy one pan lemon & coriander roast chicken with smoked paprika vegetables. Saves all the washing up too!

Zyliss pancakes-6-low

Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

Make a special treat for Pancake Day with these fluffy vegan blueberry pancakes. Soft on the outside & gooey on the inside, they make a perfect brunch for every weekend, as well as those special occasions.

Zyliss crab cakes-8-edited-low

Crab Cakes with Herby Mayo

Whether you want to impress your Valentine’s date or just cook something hearty for your family, these easy crab cakes will be a hit with big and little guests alike.

Zyliss soup-1-low

Detox Red Lentil Soup

Start the new year on the right note with this healthy yet delicious red lentil soup. Full of vegetable goodness, it’ll be sure to warm you up on a cold winter’s day.